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For a long time now the Researches and Professors at Louisiana State University have known there is a growing obesity / overweight issue with Pets in the United States. This is why they decided to work on the world’s first amino-acid restriction pet food.

Through studies, our dry pet food has proven to increase an animal’s metabolism and burn more calories due to its restricting a certain type of amino acid. This means that the more of this food your furry friend eats, the more calories they will lose over time as the body is processing and digesting the food quicker due to the quicker metabolism without losing any nutritious value.

However, if you’re busy then there’s no need to worry as Slim Health Pet Food increases fat burn in your pet without the need to change dietary or exercise routines.
Our fight to reduce Pet obesity / overweight issues, in turn, will let your pet live a happier, longer life. Not just that, if they are living a healthier life as well, this would reduce the vet trips and in turn save you money.

Very soon we will start our very first crowdfunding campaign, you can add your email at the side of this blog post to be kept up to date with when we launch and what we are doing to make our campaign-unique. Also, keep an eye on this blog as we will be posting pet care tips, nutritional information and other key things to keep your pets healthy and happy.

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