Our Technology

Methionine Restriction

Our dog food has been designed to restrict methionine to speed up your dog’s metabolism and burn more calories. This way keeping your dog healthy doesn’t interfere with your busy schedule, their feeding schedules don’t have to change, and you don’t have to restrict their caloric intake. It’s a win-win for everyone!

The Benefit's of Slim Health Pet Food

Through implementing our methionine restriction technology into pet food we are able to extend the life of your dog by improving insulin sensitivity and increasing metabolism without limiting their portion sizes.

We don’t believe in restricting calories and depriving the body of essential nutrients to get results, we believe in improving the metabolism of the body through proper nutrition. Our technology increases the efficiency of the protein content to get therapeutic results while maintaining the same great taste as other pet foods.

How Does it Work?

Our team has worked long and hard on crafting the formula to perfect the technology found in our pet food. Through research we discovered that low methionine restriction content is sensed by the liver, which then releases the hormone FGF21. When released, this hormone has the ability to increase energy expenditure, lower fat deposition, decrease circulating and hepatic lipids and increases insulin sensitivity. So, in short, it makes your dogs metabolism a fat burning machine.

Did we mention that we’re one of a kind?

And we’re proud of it!

We don’t want to seem like we’re bragging, but it’s true! Just like your sweet pup, you’ll never find another one like us. We’re currently the only weight management dog food on the market that uses methionine restriction technology. Unlike other weight management pet foods, we don’t use the tactic of calorie restriction. We believe in making the body more metabolically active to get results, not depriving it of the essential nutrients that it needs to thrive.

Our pet food recipe has not been modified in the methionine restriction process and we have not compromised on flavour to provide a therapeutic food alternative to your dog. So, our pet food is not only beneficial to your pup’s health, but it also tastes great, too!

We are that proud of our dog food, we even patented it and you can see it Here!