Obesity in Cats and Dogs in the United States.

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Did you know, as of 2019, studies show that on average 59% of cats and 55% of dogs in the United States are classified as “Obese or Overweight.” Which as you can imagine, is a big issue, check out our other post to find out more: https://slimhealthpets.com/low-methionine-dog-food-may-fight-obesity-extend-life/

Being Obese or Overweight can have a very negative effect on your pet’s health, it is proven to reduce your pet’s life by years. With that, our amazing team started looking at ways on how to fight Obesity and being Overweight, this is where Slim Health Pet Food comes in!

Slim Health Pet Foods restricts a certain Amino Acid which extends and improves the life of insulin sensitivity, which increases metabolism without compromising on satiety. Our incredible new pet food is straight out of Louisiana State University, created by amazing Professors and Researchers https://slimhealthpets.com/team/.

We are launching our dog food at the start, then we will be growing our range which will include Cats and treats etc.

There is a multitude of factors that go into the weight gain or loss of a pet. The last thing we, as pet owners want is for our pets to be living an unhealthy or improper lifestyle. There are 3 key ways in which pet owners attempt weight loss in their pets; increased activity, changing feeding habits, and calorie restriction.

With increasing numbers of young pet owners moving to larger cities, finding more time to spend with your dog outdoors is becoming increasingly difficult. Meanwhile, household budgets are tight and so the designer high-priced dog and cat foods are not within the means of the average pet owner. Lastly, who wants to tell their pet no to food and starve them? We have a special bond between pet owner and pet and for many, this feels as though it is a betrayal of trust.

If you are seeking an answer to your pet’s waistline issues, we recommend you try our groundbreaking pet food. We have spent years researching how our pets can lose weight in a safe and healthy manner while also making sure your dog isn’t going hungry, making your furry friend, healthier and happier overall!

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