Pet food that helps them live their best

Because our pets are a loved part of our family we provide
the means to keep them thin, healthy, and happy.

The Benefits of Slim Health Pet Food

Through implementing our methionine restriction technology into pet food we have seen in our studies not only a dramatic reduction in weight, but a number of secondary benefits such as improved liver and kidney health, improved insulin sensitivity, and better joint and back health.

All without changing the pet’s excersie routine or limiting portion sizes.

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Welcome to Slim Health Pet Food

Slim Health Pet food is a technological breakthrough in the pet food industry.

We have leveraged methionine restriction, which focuses on speeding up your pet’s metabolism and more! Our core focus is to reduce Pet Obesity which reports show that up to 60% of cats and dogs within the United States are classed as overweight or obese.

Our studies have shown that, if these pets start eating our Slim Health Pet Food, they can lose 50% of their excess body weight within just 30 days, making each pet happier and healthier!

How Does it Work?

Our dog food has been designed to restrict methionine to speed up your dog’s metabolism and burn more calories. This way keeping your dog healthy doesn’t interfere with your busy schedule, their feeding schedules don’t have to change, and you don’t have to restrict their caloric intake. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Our team out of Louisiana State University Pennington  have worked on this over the last decade perfecting the weight management formula found in our pet food. Through research we discovered that restricting methionine is sensed by the liver, which then releases the hormone FGF21 Causing a number of positive benefits for the pet.

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